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Subclass 491 NSW State Sponsorship and Nomination

The NSW government has recently announced the new rules for State Nomination. The system is an improvement on the scheme that operated under the old subclass 489 visa process. NSW have done away with delegating Nomination approval to the RDAs in NSW; centralising the approval process in their head office. This change greatly simplifies nomination

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PappaRich franchise – Rich unless you work for them

PappaRich franchises at Macquarie Park, Chatswood and on Liverpool Street in Sydney's CBD have underpaid workers to the tune of $74,000. A massive amount for low paid hospitality staff, who often struggle to make ends meet. The Federal Circuit Court ordered penalties of $307,802 to the franchises who underpaid 154 workers. The main culprit,  Loke

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Partner Visa for Unlawful or Illegal Person in Australia

Sometimes circumstances arise where a person becomes unlawful, either overstaying a visa or due to a cancellation. In many cases these people do not realise they are unlawful for sometime, even years. If a person in these circumstances is in a genuine relationship with an Australian Citizen or permanent residence holder, they still maybe able

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Regional Migration Subclass 491 and 494

An additional 2000 visa places are to be available sc491 and sc494 visa applicants (Eligible persons and Holders of Skilled Work Visa (subclass 491 and 494)) Order 2019. It is clear that regional migration is the government's way forward with the skilled migration program. The direct permanent residency pathway sc189 is being reduced at the

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Medicare for 491 and 494 visa holders

Medicare is to made available for sc491 and 494 visa holders. This is great news for regional skilled migration applicants as private internal health insurance is a high burden cost on new migrants. The Medicare rights will be similar to what people waiting for Permanent Residency would have. See Medicare website for specific details.  

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Don’t Whistle While You Work!

For six years to 2012, an employee of the Department of Immigration, tweeted approximately 9000 times. The tweets were from her own device. The tweets were critical of immigration policies. The Department found the employee had breached the government Code of Conduct. In the High Court The High Court unanimously found the termination of employment

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Student Visa Work and Employer Sponsorship Pay

The Fair Work Ombudsman has secured $124,416 in penalties against the operator of a chain of sushi outlets for deliberately underpaying migrant workers in Canberra. The owner of the business ‘Sushi Bay Belconnen’ has been fined more than $20,000 and the company fined more than $100,000. The company admitted to underpaying 22 employees at Sushi

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New Regional Skilled Visa 2019

More on the new subclass 491 visa to start November 2019. It will be very similar to the existing 489 subclass. The main changes are a 5-year visa validity and new visa conditions requiring visa holders to live, work and study only in regional areas for three years. However, regional areas will now include Wollongong

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What is a Significant Investor for migration?

The Significant Investor visa (SIV) (188c) is an initiative run by the Department of Home Affairs as part of their Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP). The SIV offers a four–year provisional visa with a pathway to permanent residency (subclass 888) for entrepreneurial and high net worth individuals (HNWIs) who invest at least $5 million

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