Parent Visa

Parent visa migration is an essential component of family life in Australia. It is widely recognised there is huge benefit in having parents and grandparents in Australia to contribute to and benefit from family life.

There are several different Australian visa types for parents, including onshore, offshore, contributory parent temporary and permanent residency, aged parent, as well as the more recent long-term temporary residence (subclass 870). Processing times can be long and so it is also important to consider using concurrent shorter-term visas, such as subclass 600, 601 and 651 visit visas and bridging visas, whilst the longer-term visas are in processing.

Other factors that are critical to sponsor and applicant decision making are costs, health, and onshore or offshore medium-term residence pathway planning. The best way to understand your specific visa situation, visa options, and pathway for migration is to consult with an experience practitioner and discuss your specific circumstances.

Each family is different; sponsors and visa applicants need to know what their options are and what needs to be done to get the right visa. Please call or email us to set up a consultation for specific advice that will assist you in obtaining your desired outcomes.

Parent Visa Application

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